Free F'alling at the Supermarket
Short documentary film which is currently being submitted to the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival (HotDocs) as a short for 2018.
Congratulations to Steve York and Tony Rabalao as the Supermarket Free F'all Sundays open mic event celebrate their 11th Year in 2018!

Thanks to all who participated in this short film. Participants in order of appearance:

  • Steve York
  • Ewan Dobson
  • Tarik Zaky
  • Tony Rabalao (Leh-Lo)
  • Branko Scekic
  • Hugh Reilly (
  • Erin Hunt
  • John MacLeod (Johnny and the G-Rays)
  • Ron Lopata
  • Tom McKay
  • Katie Garland (Appleton)
  • Tia Brazda (Eve and the Ocean)
  • Ben Spivak
  • Myles Dutton
  • Edward Gal
  • Xtiin Jones
  • Dave "Soulfingaz" Williams